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Tus ojos cuentan la historia/ Your Eyes Tell the Story, is a series of photographic portraits of women clad in diverse styles of masks, bursting into spaces of conflict that are usually chaotic and reserved for men. This project is soft research, an inquiry into the masked females, particularly the way that Chilean feminists appropriated it as their insignia of personal creative expression and self-defense.

Eugenia Vargas-Pereira, born in Chillán, Chile, is a multi-disciplinary artist known for her photography, time-based installations, and performances.  Based in Tucson Arizona and Santiago, Chile.


Katy introducing visiting artist Eugenia Vargas-Pereira.


Eugenia Vargas-Pereira spoke passionately about her work and the response was wonderful.

Eugenia, Rachel and Katy

Indian Doll for Sale at the Thrift Store, was one of several impromptu readings performed by Rachel Heather Johnson as Jessica Helen Lopez fell ill hours before her scheduled reading. Rachel arrived for Jessica’s performance and when she learned of her illness, she volunteered to read her work.

Heather Johnson is an androgynous Diné writer from the Navajo Nation, currently residing in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She is at work on a novel, a memoir, and poetry. Her work has appeared, or is forthcoming in, Prairie Schooner, the Sigma Tau Delta’s The TriangleAnti-Heroin Chic, and HeArt (Human Equity Through Art). Her poetry will be anthologized in the Dine Reader: A Guide to Navajo Poetics. Previously, she was a blog contributor to Blue Mesa Review. Her subjects are surviving personal and historical traumas, the experiences of marginalized identities, the complexities of mental health and well-being, and the landscape as sacred. She is also a founding member of the Trigger Warning Writers Group.