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The debut performance of Head Crushing Machine at the first Belen Music Walk in August of 2021 made a deep impression on a few local artisans, particularly Jason Schilberg of Rocket Punch Farm. He was interested in creating his own papier mache head. He wasn’t the only one that wanted to make a giant sized head. It was decided that we would invade the annual Scarecrow Festival Parade at the West end of Becker Avenue. Newspaper, flour and water was provided and for 7 weeks in the alley at Silver Bar Studios, heads were made. Then the very first HeadFest entered the history books of Belen.

This incredible cast of characters walked 5 blocks West to join (or invade) the annual Scarecrow Festival Parade, stopping in every business that was along their path. There were hundreds of participants and spectators and the day was unforgettable.